1. Moving to Mac App Store only

    Hey everyone!

    We have decided to fully embrace the Mac App Store by moving all of our apps exclusively to it. If you have previously purchased an app directly from our website you will still be supported 100% through updates until the next major release e.g. 1.0 to 2.0.

    The reason for this move is to keep thing simple for us and our users. We’ll still provide trials for our applications for now. We also want to be able to take advantage of new technologies like iCloud, SandBoxing and new API’s we’ll be seeing in Mountain Lion.

    We have an exciting future for Fuel Collective planned and this will be the first step in making the best apps possible for our users.

    Stephen Korecky, CEO 

  2. Eon 2.0.5

    Eon 2.0.5 now integrates with TriggerApp (https://triggerapp.com/)! We’re working hard on a 2.0.6 update which will fix many bugs. Probably will be submitted to the AppStore today.

  3. Sandboxing Permute

    So we’ve been forced to sandbox Permute. Sounds familiar? All entitlements that are used need to be explained why are they necessary. For Permute, we’re allowing outgoing network connections (Growl support, sending error reports, etc.), read-write user-selected file access, read-write access to the Movies and Downloads folder.

    Then we need some of those temporary entitlements: Mach lookup global name for older Growl, and AppleEvents for AppleScripts used to communicate with iTunes and Finder.

    And the biggest entitlement of all: we need a read-write access to the whole filesystem, i.e.

    com.apple.security.temporary-exception.files.absolute-path.read-write = ( “/” )

    Oh boy, Apple does not like this. Why do we really need it? Aren’t security-scoped bookmarks enough? Not really - we allow the converted file to be saved in the same folder as the original file, which is probably used by most of our users - it avoids the confusion of less experienced users “where did the converted file go?” as well as helps many power users to simply convert the file and trash the original (the way I personally use it).

    What did Apple say? Quoting:

    "It would be appropriate to remove the option to save to "the same folder as source" or to ask the user where to save for each conversion."

    I mean WTF? Ask the user where to save for each conversion? Eh? Imagine opening 10 files. 50 files. Permute does batch conversions. Removing the option in favor of selecting a single folder where to save all converted files? Isn’t this a little confusing for the user? I mean all these changes are because Apple claims they want to assure the best user experience - this is the user experience you’re talking about? Confusion, annoying dialogs, etc?

    Common, Apple, where are your balls! Stop crippling our apps and give us the entitlements we need, not the entitlements you think we need!

  4. Updates!

    Hey Everyone, 

    We have quite a few updates to announce! First is Eon 2.0! Eon 2 will be for now Mac App Store only. When upgrading from Eon 1.0 in the Mac App Store, this update will be free, however services are now in app purchases. This allows us to keep the price down on the core app which can still be used as a standalone app for tracking time.

    If you’re upgrading from a paid web version of Eon, we’re kicking Eon 2 off with a 50% off Sale for only $9.99! We hope everyone will Enjoy the new Eon we’ve worked really hard on it!

    Next up we have Kousek formally Snippet 2, also 50% off for a limited time at the great price of $9.99! We’re re-launching Snippet 2 with it’s new name Kousek, We hope you enjoy it!

    Finally we have a new website! http://fuelcollective.com We might run into a few bugs here and there, but overall this paves the path for a much better experience for everyone!

    Please note we tried very hard to create an awesome upgrade path to Eon 2 with the limited resources we have in the Mac App Store. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at support at fuelcollective.com

    Since releasing the Eon update, we have received some mixed feedback on the approach we took to updating. So to try and make thing right, we’re working on releasing Eon 1 again in the app store as a Free app. So users who do not care to upgrade or use the pay per service model may simply download “Eon Free” (coming soon) .

  5. State of the Union 2012

    Hey Everyone, long time no see!

    What’s been going on? We’ve been quietly working on new things and continually updating our current line of products. So let’s talk our existing products first.

    Snippet - has been in a bit of a rough patch lately and we’re working very hard to get it out of one. Snippet will be getting a new name, Kousek. Kousek is Snippet 2.0 and we have already launched Snippet 2.0 but haven’t completely announced it yet due to the name change, working on our new store, and rejections from Apple that we’re working on. Once we get to a stable place with Kousek we will let all our users know and have a proper launch. We’re terribly sorry for this and we hope to have Kousek out to everyone soon.

    We also owe an email to users who have purchased Snippet during the Valio Bundle. Sorry for the delay but it will be sent out as soon as possible.

    Pochade - Not too much to annouce here but we have been giving Pochade some minor updates here and there. We have some ideas for a Pochade 3.0 but nothing in the works at the moment.

    Permute - We’ve been giving some love to Permute behind the scenes with some nice little updates and bug fixes. We have started thinking about what we want to do for Permute 2.0 and we have so cool ideas and I think it will make a great app even better!

    Eon - Eon 2.0 is arround the corner so we’ll talk about Eon more when the time comes!

    So that’s our quick update on our current apps. I’ll talk breifly about what’s in the works.

    We have a new app we’ve been working on called Regextor. We’ll be finishing up this app next week for a release ASAP. We have a few app ideas floating around in the lab but nothing that we can share right now.

    Hopefully this clears up some ongoing questions or concerns. We’re alive and well and working as hard as ever to bring you some awesome stuff this year. A giant thank you to everyone who has supported us by buying our apps and spreading the word. It means a lot to us! Thank you!

    Stephen Korecky, CEO

    p.s. Next week we’ll have some open discussion in one of our Campfire rooms. So follow us on Twitter @fuelcollective so you can get our updates!

  6. Discontinuing Contents

    Dear Fuel Collective Fans,

    After a bit of thinking and looking at the future of Fuel Collective and were we’re headed we have decided to discontinue Contents. We still love contents but we feel it no longer fits in with the plans that we have for Fuel Collective and so as of Today March 24, 2011 Contents will be removed from the site and web store.

    If you have purchased Contents we will still be supporting 100% and will try to address any issues as best as we can. We’re sad to see one of our apps go but this will allow us to focus on the new and exciting apps we’re working on.

    A quick update to everything else, Snippet 2.0 is in beta and Fuel Collective’s new web store will be launching soon! This will make purchasing apps on our website much easer.

    As always, if you have any questions, please email us at support@fuelcollective.com

    -Stephen Korecky
    CEO, Fuel Collective, LLC 

  7. tinynow asked: I was wondering why you are switching away from paypal.

    We may keep it as a secondary option but we mainly don’t agree with their practices.

  8. Mac App Store & Updates

    Hello readers of the Fuel Collective Blog! We’re going to take about a few things including the Mac App Store and some updates that we’re doing.

    Mac App Store

    Okay, so unless you live in a cave without internet, you have probably heard about the launch of the Mac App Store. We haven’t talk much about our position on it because we weren’t sure what we thought. However after the launch and getting to try it out, it just  made sense to try and be a part of this great platform that would expose our apps to thousands of new users.

    What apps will be in the Mac App Store? Well to start Eon is the first one in! We’re currently working on getting Pochade (formally Swatch) in (waiting for review at the time of this writing). We will then be working on Permute,  Snippet 2.0 and code name Contents 2.0. 

    Long story short, we’re trying to get all our apps into the Mac App Store.

    As for users that have purchased from the website. We are still continuing to sell our apps on the website and will always support them. There will be little to no difference from purchasing from the website or the Mac App Store.


    We finally unified our site! All the app pages now all look about the same and are using the same layout. This took way longer than we wanted it to, but this will make updates much much easier.

    Speaking of stores, we’ll be launching our new one this year! We are actively developing it and should be able to launch it soon. We are going to be moving from PayPal to Credit Card processor. We probably will not accept PayPal at the launch of the new store, but may add it back it later.

    So that about sums things up. If you have any questions, please contact us at http://help.fuelcollective.com

  9. Pochade

    Hello lovers of Swatch,

    Today over the next few hours we a preparing to change our application named Swatch to Pochade. Why this name change? Well to be clear and honest we got a Cease and Desist from Swatch AG for using the name Swatch. While we feel that our Swatch application doesn’t fall into the same category as clothing and accessories we have chosen to comply with their request. We just want to make awesome applications that users love to use. We can’t do that if we’re spending all our money on lawyers and fighting legal battles.

    So now what? Well to start, we have released an update for Swatch that will help you migrate to Pochade. All your color swatches will remain intact, you will only have to manually update any alias and the Dock item. We’re trying to make this as easy as possible, so if you run into any trouble, please contact us at http://help.fuelcollective.com and we’ll help you out.

    Didn’t this happen before with Eon? Yes.

    What are you going to do about naming future apps? Well since Eon we’re being extra careful with naming our apps and have been looking at Trademark entries on the official trademark website.

    If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact us at http://help.fuelcollective.com

  10. Updates, Contents 2.0, and New App

    Hey everyone, time for an update from Fuel Collective! Boy, have we been busy, working on updates, new apps, updating apps, and support. Now I’ll start off by saying we’re sorry for the support delays that we have from time to time, we are working really hard to keep support queue times at a minimum and we’ll continue to work on this and try to being on some help as well, it’s still just the two of us for now.

    Now let’s talk about the new app! Well, we don’t really “talk” about new apps, but we’re working on our first web app! We have brought in Chris Hallendy another Software Engineer to help us out with this task. It’s coming along nicely so far and we hope to have a very small beta by the end of the year and launch Q1 next year. We’ll keep you updated, but that’s all we’re going to share for now.

    Contents DraftContents! Now Contents is a great app, but it could be better. It’s starting to fall short of our growing standards for Fuel Collective apps. So what are we doing with Contents 2.0? Well for starters it’s going to be completely rewritten, redesigned, rebranded, and rereleased. But wait I just bought Contents! Not to worry, Contents 2.0 (code name for now) will be a completely free upgrade to all current and future owners of Contents 1.0. We are making Contents 2.0 better than ever with a new focus on cleaning your Mac.

    What about other 2.0’s? They have not been forgotten and we are continuing to work hard on them as well. But we often shift focus to what we feel is most important and what’s best for our users.

    Thanks for reading our blog and we’ll keep the updates coming!

    Stephen Korecky
    CEO & Designer